Increasing businesses, grueling competition, deeper need for market analysis and precise intelligence. The strategic Mantra edge recognized the huge opportunity in the area and plunged. Only to soar!


M&M is a comprehensive market research company and consulting firm started in 2001. 120 high‐level, strategically analyzed, full‐length reports a year track more than 10 industries and form a foundation to make path-breaking decisions. This intelligence database comprising of about 60,000 reports a year forms one of the largest business intelligence resources worldwide.

Employing effective technology has enabled M&M to automate the management of large and complex market data tables and forecasts. It gives clients the edge to achieve sustainable growth by providing incisive business insight into their respective markets.

Most of the client list is made up of esteemed Fortune 500 companies, who not only rely on M&M but also recommend their reports to the business community at large.

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